ER301 p2             ER301
  Fingerprint Reader
  ER301 is a high performance fingerprint reader with built-in EM/Mifare/HID reading module. It compatibles with all ELID access controllers. ER301 captures and stores fingerprint images to be used as templates to verify each specific finger's unique ridge pattern.
  orange button4 User capacity: 9,000 fingerprint templates, 300 cards for non-template users
  orange button4 Built-in EM/Mifare/HID Reading module
  orange button4 Function as EK9S Keypad
  orange button4 Global verification mode: Card + Finger or Finger Only or Card/ Fingeror Finger + PIN
  orange button4 Fast verification time
  orange button4 Large backlight graphical LCD display
  orange button4 Download templates via RS485 or LAN (with EA79)

Ordering Information

Product Code
ER-0301-001 ER301 Optical Fingerprint reader, built-in EM reader
EA-0079-001 EA79 TCPIP LAN Module Only