Fingerprint Reader
ER301 p2             ER301
  Fingerprint Reader
  ER301 is a high performance optical fingerprint reader with built-in EM reading module. ER301 captures and stores fingerprint images to be used as templates to verify each specific finger's unique ridge pattern. ER301 is compatible with all ELID access controllers which provides you a total access management system.
  orange button4 Storage capacity: 9,000 fingerprint templates, 100 cards
  orange button4 Enables enrollment of up to 10 fingerprints for each user
  orange button4 Built-in card reading module (EM/MIFARE/HID, depending on the type of card reader used)
  orange button4 Displays transaction code (eg: Invalid card, Invalid time zone)
  orange button4 Multiple verification mode: 1:N or 1:1
  orange button4 Fast verification time
  orange button4 Large backlight graphical LCD display
  orange button4 Non-volatile EEPROM memory for data storage
  orange button4 Communication interface: RS485 or TCP/IP
  orange button4 Dimensions: 180(H) x 150(W) x 50(D) mm


LCD Display 128x64 pixels with backlight
Keypad 4 x 4 keys
Reading Module EM/MIFARE/HID Format
Fingerprint Scanner
Optical, 500 dpi
False Rejection Rate
False Acceptance Rate
Fingerprint Template Database
9,000 templates
Card Database
Transaction storage
30,000 transaction records
Verification Mode
Fingerprint only (1:N), ID + Fingerprint (1:1), ID only, ID+PIN
Verification Time
Average 1 second for 1000 fingerprints
Maximum 10 fingerprints enrollment per user
Sound, LED
12V DC
Current Consumption
Communication Interface
RS485, LAN (with EA79X)
Baud Rate
Operating Temperature
0°C - 55°C
Operating Humidity  <85%
Language (LCD Display) English


ER301 LAN Configuration
ER301 LAN configuration2
ER301 RS485 Network Configuration
ER301 RS485 configuration2

Ordering Information

Product Code Description
ER0301001 BER301 Optical Fingerprint sensor; built-in EM reader
ER0301M01 ER301 Optical Fingerprint sensor; built-in Mifare reader
ER301 Optical Fingerprint sensor; built-in HID reader
EA79X LAN Module Only, Support 100M