Access Controller
Product EK748 b1   EL374
  Compact Access Controller

EL374 is a single-door compact controller comprising access controller, card reader and touch-sense keypad. Features of the EL374 and the EL363 are similar. The main difference is that the EL374 has a GLCD display whereas the EL363 has a 7-segment display. In addition to RS485, the EL374 also offers LAN or Multi-drop options.

  orange button4 Storage capacity: Stores up to 4,000 user-IDs and 2,000 offline transactions
  orange button4 Display and keypad: GLCD display and 12 touch-sense keypad
  orange button4 Built-in card reader module (EM/Mifare, depending on the type of card reader used)
  orange button4 Reading range: 3 - 8 cm
  orange button4 Caters for timers and time zones, limiting access and users to different times of the day
  orange button4 Optional EZ5 Remote Relay Module for added security whereby inputs and outputs are embedded on a 
    separate module placed in a secure area
  orange button4 Simple programming set-up with scroll-down menu within the controller
  orange button4 Firmware can be updated in-circuit, through the serial download from the PC
  orange button4 Equipped with a calendar clock chip to give an accurate date and time
  orange button4 Battery back-up for internal data storage and time clock
  orange button4 Communication Interface: RS485 or Multi-drop (requires additional converter) or TCP/IP (requires 
    additional LAN module)
  orange button4 Dimensions: 100(H) x 135(W) x 30(D) mm
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Communication Interface RS485 or LAN (Optional, requires additional LAN module)
Output 1 (On-board), 2 (with EZ5)
Input 2 (On-board), 3 (with EZ5)
In Reader Built-in
Power Supply 12 VDC
Current Consumption 0.5A
Card Database 4,000
Transaction Database 2,000
Card Format Wiegand 26-bit, Free Wiegand
Operation Mode 3 (Card, Card + PIN, PIN)
Time Zone 10
Timer 24
Holiday 20
Adjustable Lock Release Time Yes
Permanent Lock Release Yes
Automatic Pin Disable Time Zone Yes
Automatic Lock Release Time Zone Yes


EL374 Standalone Configuration
configuration standalone EL374
 EL374 Secure Mode Configuration
configuration secure mode EL374
EL374 System Configuration
configuration system EL374

Ordering Information

Product Code Description
Controller Unit
EL0374E01 EL374E/B Single Door Security Access System with built-in EM Reader Module
EL0374M01 EL374M/B Single Door Security Access System with built-in Mifare Reader Module
EDZ005M02D EZ5D Remote Relay - DIN mount
EA0079004D EA79TD LAN Module, support 100M - DIN mount
EP42S Power Supply, 12V/4.2A Switching c/w PS2D Low Volt Cut-off
Metal Casing with DIN Rails for Accessories & PSU - 256(H)x285(W)x74(D) mm
SBPOES003 POE Splitter 12V/2A, support 10/100M
Converter/ Communicator
EA24D Converter (TTL to Multidrop) - DIN mount
EL070S001 EL70S Converter, RS485 to USB
EL70Q Communicator, Multidrop/RS485 to USB