Bar-code Reader
ER35 p   ER35
  Bar-Code Reader
  ER35 is an Infra-red Swipe-type Bar Code reader. It will work with EL23XX Door Access Controllers, and read bar code cards encoded in 3-of-9 format or ELID 2-of-5 interleaved format.
  orange button4 Resolution: Medium (0.19 mm)
  orange button4 Reading range: Reliable reading over wide speed range
  orange button4 Dimensions: 40(H)x35(L)x120(W) mm

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ER0035002 ER35 Reader, Infra Red Bar Code Swipe in Stainless Steel
imgs CQ1   CQ1 QR Reader
  Bar-Code Reader
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ELID suggested a different approach of access, use QR codes that able to reduce costs of purchasing and printing of physical access cards. This cost-effective solutiuon is easy to implement as all you need is your smartphone and a QR code reader. Besides building security demands, QR code solution helps to improve the efficiency of handling visitor management.

CQ1 is a QR Code Reader which is able to scan QR codes on smartphone or printed on a paper. CQ1 is compatible with ELID access controllers.

  orange button4 2D codes scanning
  orange button4 Compact design
  orange button4 Wiegand interface
  orange button4 Compatible with ELID access controllers


Performance Parameters

Picture Sensor 960*640 COMS
Capacity 2D (PDF417, MIcroQR, Datamxtrix, QR, GS1, Aztec)
Scan Pattern Automatic induction scan
Decode Accuracy Code 39 5mil
Code Available 2D Codes printing on Paper or film or Smartphone
Scanning Speed 1300 Times/Second
Symbol Contrast 20%
Scanning Angle Horizontal : 72° Verticalcal: 82° Rotated:360°
Human-computer Interatior

Indicator light White LED 625 10 Nm
Buzzer Start Tips, Decoding success tips
Environment Parameters     Drop  Design to with stand 2M drops to concrete 5 times
Environmental Sealing IP54
Working Temperature -20-55˚C
Conserve Temperature -20-60˚C
Working Humidity 5-95% Non-Condensed
Conserve Humidity 5-95% Non-Condensed
Physical Parameters Material ABS
Net Weight 165g
Packing Weight 395g
Host Size(L*W*H) 66mm* 76mm*63mm
Packing Size(L*W*H) 185mm*110mm*80mm
Data line length 180CM(±3CM)
Communication Interface Wiegand
Working Maximum Current 190MA
Standby Current 125MA
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS  


CQ1 QR Reader System Configuration
config CQ1

Ordering Information

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QR Reader with cover, Wiegand Port