EL2900 p   EL2800
  IP-Based Multi-door Access Controller
  EL2800 is an advanced multi-door IP controller. EL2800 uses native LAN (not a terminal server which converts RS232 to LAN). Consequently, it is like a PC and can take full advantage of web access. EL2800 provides access control functions for 4 doors. Entry and Exit readers are RS485 based and are connected by 4 wires in daisy-chain mode. Door sense signals and exit push button signals are directly wired to EL2800 board.
  orange button4 Storage capacity: Stores up to 20,000 user-IDs and 20,000 offline transactions
  orange button4 Reader type: Supports various types of reader such as EM/HID Proximity, Mifare 
    Contactless Smart Card reader and Biometric
  orange button4 Caters for timers and time zones, limiting access and users to different times of the day
  orange button4 Provision for Global Anti-passback, Automatic Lock Release Time Zone and Automatic PIN 
    Disable Time Zone
  orange button4 Firmware is upgradeable through TCP/IP connection
  orange button4 Simple programming set-up with scroll-down menu within the controller or via web server
  orange button4 Equipped with a calendar clock chip to give an accurate date and time
  orange button4 Battery back-up for internal data storage and time clock
  orange button4 Communication interface: TCP/IP, RS485
  orange button4 Dimensions: 210(H) x 155(W) mm
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Communication Interface Native TCP/IP (10/100 Base-T), RS485
Mode of Access Card, Card + PIN, PIN, Fingerprint (1:1, 1:N)
Type of Supporting Reader Proximity, Smart Card, Biometric
Supporting Card Type HID, Mifare, EM
Maximum Readers 8 units (2-wire RS485 protocol)
On-board Input 8 dedicated, 8 general purpose
On-board Output 4 dedicated, 4 general purpose
Maximum Number of I/O Board 3 units of EA62
Card Database 10,000
Transaction Database 5,000
Time Zone 10
Timer 24
Holiday 20
Standalone Operation Yes
Adjustable Lock Release Time Yes
Permanent Lock Release Yes
Automatic Pin Disable Time Zone Yes
Automatic Lock Release Time Zone Yes
Inhibit Access Yes
Continuous Swiping Yes
Global Anti-Passback Yes
Power Supply 12 VDC
Current Consumption 200 mA (board only)
On-board Battery 2.4V lithium cell
Operating Temperature 0⁰ C to 60⁰ C 


EL2800 Centralized Configuration
centralized configuration EL2800
EL2800 Distributed Configuration
Distributed configuration EL2800
 EL2800 System Configuration
EL2800 System Configuration4

Ordering Information

Product Code Description
Controller Unit
EL2800002 EL2800-v2 TCP/IP 4-Door Security Access System 
ER0013004D EK13SD Programming Keypad for EL23XX, EL2700 & EL2800
Readers & Keypads for EL2800
EK748R/EM RS485 Touch Sense Keypad with blue GLCD Display, built-in with EM Reader Module
ER723 RS485 Short Range Proximity Reader, Black 
EK748R/MF RS485 Touch Sense Keypad with blue GLCD Display, built-in with Mifare Reader Module
ER728 RS485 Mifare Contactless Card Reader, Black
Optional Item
EA0284001 EA284 4 Port HUB
EA0045001 EA45 Reader Converter, Wiegand to RS485, in Plastic Housing (For standard range of ELID readers)
EA62 Peripheral Module with 8 supervised inputs and 4 relay outputs