Metal Casing
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Ordering Information

Product Code Description
Metal Casing with DIN Rails for Accessories & PSU 
Dimensions: 256(H)x285(W)x74(D) mm
Metal Casing with DIN Rails for EL1335D, EL2305D, EL2306D & PSU 
Dimensions: 302(H)x360(W)x85(D) mm
Metal Casing for EL2800/ER50X/PSU
Dimensions: 381(H)x330(W)x91(D) mm
CS1099X Metal Casing for EL5XXX
Dimensions: 415(H)x405(W)x121(D) mm
CS1099PX Metal Casing for POE battery backed power supply  
Dimensions: 415(H)x405(W)x121(D) mm