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ARA Residential Management System
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ELID Ara is a cloud-based residential management system. Ara combines powerful residential management features developed based on extensive research and user experience studies. The intuitive and clean user interface makes deployment and everyday use simple and effortless. Under the hood, Ara is powered by the latest cloud-based technology infrastructure.


ELID Ara brings a whole new level of convenience, efficiency, and cost savings to building management teams & residents.




ELID Ara lets Residents Experience a New Level of Convenience, security and Peace of Mind:



Intuitive & Powerful User Interface

ELID Ara’s Dashboard Panel provides an easy to understand summary of what’s important. This information is presented in a clean, uncluttered and familiar format.


Compatible  with  All  Your  Devices

ELID Ara is built on the latest cloud technology. It is platform independent and works with all mobile devices or desktop computers. There’s no need for specialized hardware to access the ELID Ara application.


Powerful  Time  Saving  Features

Residents of buildings powered by ELID Ara can experience significant time savings & unmatched convenience with the Ara Dashboard which features up-to-date announcements, complaints submission, on-line visitor registration and more.


Effortless  Visitor  Registration

ELID Ara makes visitor registration truly effortless. Residents are allowed to pre-register their guests from any mobile device, and at any time. All guests are registered and tracked ensuring complete traceability and transparency.


Instant  Notifications

ELID Ara users receive real-time notifications and alerts, providing them with the latest updates and other useful information, no matter where they are.



image2 ELID  Ara  Empowers  Building  &  Community  Management  Teams  to do  More  with  Less:



Speedy  Deployment

A typical ELID Ara system setup at a condominium takes only 7 working days. 


Powerful  Cloud-Based  Features

Harnessing the power of the cloud, ELID Ara features effortless Over-The-Air updates, system accessibility at any time, from anywhere and secure system backups for all critical data. 


Enhanced  Security  with  ELID  Access  Control System  Integration

Iintegrated ELID E.VIS visitor management system provides efficient visitor processing. E.VIS will capture basic information from visitors’ Malaysian ID cards (MyKad), generate real-time visitor head counts, visitor statistics and even track and send out alerts in the event that a visitor is blacklisted. 


Integrated  Access  Control  System

ELID Ara seamlessly integrates with ELID’s access control system hardware to provide a single, integrated security solution. This dramatically enhances building security and improves visitor/guest tracking. All registered visitors, such as guests and vendors will be automatically issued with access cards that are pre-programmed to only allow access to specific floors units or areas, according to their duty or purpose of visit.



ELID  Ara  was  designed  specifically  for:


People  Management

  • Cloud based storage for resident information.
  • Strict security control with access control authentication and encryption.

Complaint  Management

  • Simplified complaint procedure.
  • Paperless complaint.
  • Traceable complaint records.

Announcement  Management

  • Real-time notification whenever a new announcement is published.
  • Searchable announcement history.
  • Cloud-based, feature-rich document processor with support for attachments.

Access  Card  Management

  • Resident access cards management.
  • Traceable and verifiable access cards.

Visitor  Management

  • Effective way of managing visitor.
  • Traceable visitor records.
  • Respective resident will receive notifications when visitor is registered.



Minimum System Requirements



 Intel Core i3 @ 3.50GHz

 Operating System            

 Microsoft Windows 10



 Hard Disk Space


 Monitor Resolution

 1024 x 768 pixels, 16-bit colour

 USB Port

 1 (for Software License Key)

 4 (for E.VIS Management System)


 Keyboard and Mouse



Supported Platform Browser for App Experience (PWA)


 Browser  Version
i google

 Google Chrome Browser version 49 and above on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and above

i safari

 Safari on iOS version 11.3 and above

i android

 Android build in browser version 49 and above OR Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and above



Supported Browser



i google

 Google Chrome Browser version 49 for Android, IOS, Windows, Mac OSX and Linux

i safari

 Safari On Mac OSX version 11.1 and above On IOS version 11.4 and above

i safari

 Safari On iOS version 11.3 and above

i android

 Android build in browser version 49 and above OR Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and above

i opera

 Opera browser version 36 and above

i samsung internet

 Samsung Internet Browser version 4 and above

i ie

 Microsoft Edge Browser version 17 and above

i ie7

 You can still use Internet Explorer 11 view kgbaru.com with limited support


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