Barrier Gate/ Turnstile
swing gate s   Elid Swing Gate EGSH-8008
  Swing Gate

EGSH-8008 ELID Swing Gate is high tech barrier which mainly provides management for passageway. This product is exquisitely designed completely with high level of function which is suitable for high-end condominium, intelligent buildings, hotel and club, etc.

  orange button4 Alarm function - When there is an unauthorised entry, alarm will trigger automatically and the motor will locked
  orange button4 Swing gate can be easily configured with the mainboard installed within the body of the turnstile
  orange button4 Swing gate able to detect tailgating or people walking on the different directions
  orange button4 Swing gate always in the lock position. If there is any intrusion, the alarm will trigger
  orange button4 The arm has the collision avoidance function: When the turnstile arm is closed, and under a collision, the arm will open to protect the motor
  orange button4 Automatic Reset Functions: If you didn’t pass the turnstile within stipulated time ( 10s) after swipe your card, the system doesn’t allow you to pass through the turnstile


diagram swing gate


Housing material Standard 304 stainless steel
Thickness 2.0mm thickness
Working voltage AC220±10%V 50±10%HZ
Driving motor Servo motor
Size L1600*W160*H1060mm
Swing length 290 mm
Max Passage width 1200mm
Direction single or bi-directional (optional)
Working environment indoor/outdoor (with a roof) -10°C~70°C
Relative humidity ≤90% coagulation free
Time of opening/closing 1 second
Pass speed 25-30 persons/min (closed)
Time to work after power on 3 seconds
Reset time after break down 10 seconds
Normal running life more than 5 million
Communication interface standard RS485 interface, distance ≤1200m
Input interface +12V level signal or pulse width >100ms 12V pulse, drive current >10mA