Barrier Gate/ Turnstile
full height turnstile   Elid Full Height Turnstile EGT-201
  Full height turnstile is a high-tech product which provides intelligent management to passageway.This full height turnstile with nice and elegant shape,antirust, durable, resistant to external damage. Very comfortable space for passage. Prevent illegal IN and OUT. Turnstile gate release during emergency. This product is suitable for stadium, prison, office building, government, confidentiality center. This gate can integrate into all access contol systems.
  orange button4 Unique two-way anti-reverse function
  orange button4 Anti-rushing function ,when the gate signal is not received, the turnstile arms locked automatically
  orange button4 The center rotor will be set free (default) or locked (optional) automatically when the power is off
  orange button4 Automatic Reset Functions: after you swipe the card, during the specific time (the system is 10s), if you did’t pass the turnstile, the system will cancel your access automatically, (reset time is 1~60s you can adjust it what time is suit for you)
  orange button4 The turnstile can work with door access control system/ticket system/biometric recognition system
  orange button4 LED indicator light
  orange button4 Can be unidirectional or bidirectional control of personnel access


Housing material SUS 304
Operation voltage AC220±10%V 50±10%HZ
Working voltage AC220±10%V 50±10%HZ
Roof Dimensions L1500*W1300*H2200 mm
Height 2200MM
Direction single or bi-directional
Working environment indoor/outdoor (with a tent over) -10°C~70°C
Relative humidity ≤90% coagulation free
Time of opening/closing 0.2 second
Pass speed 20 persons/min 
Time to work after power on 3 seconds
Reset time after break down 10 seconds
Normal running life 3.5 million
Input interface +12V level signal or pulse width>100ms 12V pulse, drive current>10mA