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Who We Are

ELID’s Design & Innovation team, embodies our mission as an organization that seeks to continuously innovate and push the boundaries of technology in order to positively impact people’s lives. We do this primarily through systems and solutions that create safer and more secure environments.

Our products are designed and engineered in-house by our cross-disciplinary R&D teams, based on years of design and engineering experience combined with market and user insights.


1. R&D Software Engineer (Edge Computing & Video Analytics)

Job Description

ELID has been a leading manufacturer of integrated security system solutions for over 30 years. We are renowned for access control, with our products selling in several countries across the globe. Despite its success, ELID continues to place significant emphasis on research and development of new, innovative products. Currently, our R&D focus is edge computing and video analytics. Therefore, this job entails the design and development of production-grade intelligent edge-based access management systems and vision-based products, testing and evaluation of the developed products, as well as technical support for existing and new customers, when needed.



- Assist the lead engineer in miscellaneous tasks directly related towards the development/maintenance of new products.

- Actively perform literature studies and market research to stay aware of the state-of-the-art and understand competitors, respectively.

- Design and develop the backend of intelligent edge-based access management systems, which are meant to manage multiple access controllers. Backend development includes, but is not limited to, establishing reliable communication with the access controllers, user database management, miscellaneous access control settings, report generation and data backup/restoration to/from the cloud.

- Design and develop algorithms to implement cutting-edge image processing, computer vision and machine learning technologies in order to add features/functionalities or overcome problems/bottlenecks in existing/new vison-based products.

- Execute different stages in the pipeline for training machine learning models, such as data acquisition, data pre-processing, model training and model validation.

- Perform prototyping, followed by deployment of the developed algorithms/models to embedded systems.

- Algorithm testing, evaluation, debugging and modification.

- Prepare various documentation related to the developments arising from R&D.

- Provide technical support to field service engineers and customers.



- At least a recognized Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical & Computer Systems / Electronics / Mechatronics / Computer Science / Information Technology or equivalent.

- Programming experience in C/C++.

- Familiarity with Linux.

- Experience in various languages used in backend development, such as PHP, Python and SQL, are a plus.

- Familiarity with OpenCV, image processing and machine learning are a plus.

- Critical analysis and problem solving skills.

- Good written and verbal communication skills.

- Self-motivated, able and willing to perform independent R&D with little guidance.

- Excellent team player.

- Willing to take on the challenges that come with working on cutting-edge technologies.

- Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.



2. Junior Software Engineer
ELID SDN BHD, Petaling Jaya-based local designer & manufacturer of advanced security systems and RFID products, seeks highly motivated individuals with positive attitude, integrity and the right qualifications to join our R&D team as Junior Software Engineer.

Job Description

- Prepares software specifications and user interface requirements

- Design, codes, maintains, tests/debugs, and documents projects including user-level manuals


Skill & Qualifications

- Computer Science/Electrical/Computer Engineering Degree

- Familiar with either MS Visual Studio/C#, Delphi, SQL database or PHP/MYSQL

- Self-motivated individual possessing analytical mind and problem-solving skill

- Ability to work alone without much guidance

- Fresh graduates are most encouraged to apply



- Remuneration package that commensurate with qualification and experience



- 5 day work with flexi-hour scheme

- Medical and dental claims

Hospitalization Insurance Plan

- Free indoor car park



How to Apply:

Please send a cover letter (yes, you read right) and your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Shortlisted candidates will be notified via email within 24 hours.

In your cover letter, do answer the following questions:

1. Why do you want this job? 

2. What in your opinion is the most important trait for a successful career in sales and business development?

3. Your company’s R&D department has just released a new product. It’s a great product but has some teething problems and requires multiple bug fixes. Outline your sales strategy for approaching and selling this product to both existing clients and also new prospects with this new product.

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