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  Cloud Workspace Management System

ELID ARA is a cloud-based workspace management system, used to monitor, manage and ensure efficient and effective use of any workspace. Manual methods of management are tedious and inefficient for the task. ELID ARA can manage employee information, visitor management and facilities management easily and cost effectively.

ELID ARA is a paperless communication management solution that brings a whole new level of convenience, efficiency, and cost savings to office administrators and employees. ELID ARA is powered by the latest cloud-based technology infrastructure which is accessible anywhere and anytime.

It significantly simplifies the process of service requests and visitor registration, speeds up response time and enhances communication between employees and office administration teams. All data is kept secure and accessible conveniently through a PC or any mobile device.

  ELID  Ara  was  designed  specifically  for:
  orange button4  Employee Information Management
  orange button4 Building/ Facilities Complaint Management
  orange button4 Announcement  Management
  orange button4 Visitor  Management
  Benefits for Employees:
  orange button4 An Intuitive & Powerful User Interface
  orange button4 Compatible  with  All  Your  Devices
  orange button4 Possesses Powerful  Time  Saving  Features
  orange button4 Effortless  Visitor  Registration
  orange button4  Instant  Notifications
  Integration with ELID Security System
  orange button4 Experience enhanced security features
  orange button4 Improve operational efficiencies with ELID access control integration

Flow Diagram

ARA Workspace Management System Flow Diagram
ARA Workspace flow diagram

Ordering Information

Product Code Description
EWARAR001 ARA Workspace Management System (Basic Package), yearly subscription
EWARAW002 ARA Workspace Management System (Business Package), yearly subscription. 
ARA Workspace Management System (Enterprise Package), yearly subscription.