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ELID offers a wide range of security systems to maintain and enhance the safety of your building. We offer various packages of security management systems to fulfill your security needs and budget.



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ARA Residential Management System

ELID offers a cloud-based community management system, ARA, which is accessible anywhere and anytime to fulfill the needs of your community. The system is geared towards helping communities in the following areas:


Visitor Management

  • Online visitor pre-registration by host
  • Quick visitor verification onsite by matching QR code on smartphone
  • The host will be notified by SMS/email that the visitor has arrived
  • Efficient way of managing visitors

People Management

  • Cloud based storage for resident information.

Complaint Management

  • Simple & Intuitive
  • Paperless
  • Traceable records

Announcement Management

  • Instant notifications
  • Announcement history
  • Built-in cloud-based feature rich document processor


Visitor Management
visitor management  

ELID ELID’s powerful and intuitve cloud-based visitor management system offers the ability to screen and track visitors, enhancing safety for residents and properties.


Quick Enrolment

  • Retrieve "Mykad" holder's identification details within seconds

Perform Immediate Visitor Background Checks

  • Immediately identify and restrict black-listed personnel from entry

Access Control Integration

  • Integrating visitor management and access control enhances the security of the entire building

Integrated Camera

  • Captures images of visitor and identification documents

Real-time Status

  • Display real-time visitor information such as the number of visitors registered and the number of visitors still present registered in building

Visitor Report Generation

  • Conveniently create visitor reports and statistics


Car-Park Access Control
car park  

ELID offers a reliable range of access control systems specifically designed for car park applications.


Multi-Lane Support

  • ELID's car park solution supports up to 4 entry and 4 exit lanes.

Complete Access Control

  • Only authorized residents and vehicles with valid access cards are allowed entry.

Multiple Authentication Technologies

  • Various options for authentication are available including proximity card, contactless smart card, QR code scanning, active tag, the mobile app and car plate.


Door Access Control
access control  

ELID has a wide range of door access systems to maximize building security at the following critical points.


Building Entrance

  • Requires a valid access card for entry to the main building to prevent free access by unwanted visitors.

Designated High Security Areas

  • This security system ensures that only a single authorized person can enter at a time into high security areas. The optional AI powered anti-tailgating system is able to accurately detect and enforce tailgating offences.

Shared, Common Facilities

  • The system grants access only during the specific date and time the room/area/facility is booked.


Lift Access Control
lift access  

The ELID lift access system is designed to be integrated within the elevator operating panels to control floor access and permiting elevator use only to authorized cardholders.


Restricted Building Floor Access

  • Only tenants/visitors with valid access cards can select their destination floor(s) at a specific time.

Powerful Access Tracking & Reporting

  • All access transaction are recorded and reports can be generated with multi-level filtering.

Multiple Authentication Technologies

  • Various options for authentication are available including proximity card for residents, QR code scanning for visitor


CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance Systems have become a common security need for neighborhoods nowadays. It is not just to deter crime, but also various applications such as security monitoring and fire hazard prevention.


Features with ELID WinPro2 integrated security system

  • Compatible with various DVRs, NVRs and IP cameras
  • Live video viewing, recording and playback
  • Content based video retrieval


Integrated Residential Security Solutions