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kwspThe Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) is Malaysia's Employee Provident Fund. The KWSP centrally manages the retirement funds for the entire working population of Malaysia from the KWSP building, located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These funds amount to over 180 billion Malaysia Ringgit. In addition, confidential information such as employee details, account numbers and other public records are all stored at the KWSP building. Security for the  KWSP premises is therefore essential. 

Corporate Photo  Identification

The KWSP also employs the Matrix V Photo ID module, which enables the printing of customized KWSP photo identification card designs onto their access cards. These cards enable security personnel to physically verify weather a particular cardholder is authorized to be in a particular area by making a physical comparison between the access card  photo image and the person holding the card.

Access Control: An Important Layer of Security

The Matrix V system provides access control security to important sections of the premises. It ensures that, even without direct supervision, the movement of persons in sensitive areas is carefully monitored and restricted access to these areas is strictly enforced. Alarms are activated in real-time at the central monitoring station whenever a security breach occurs, alerting security personnel of possible intruders. The system covers 65 doors on all 26 floors of the KWSP building.

Large Capacity For Future Expansion 

The KWSP required a system that could accommodate their plans to expand their employee base from 2500 to 4000 in the near future, with appropriate changes to the layout of their premises. Matrix V offers near unlimited capacity for expansion. New areas may be accommodated for by simply adding new components to the existing system architecture. Door accessibility is a simple matter to reconfigure with its user-friendly windows-based software. In addition, the cardholder database system Matrix V employs has virtually no limit to the number of cards and cadrholders that may be recognized by the door access system. 

Visitor Management

As a provider of a public service to the national community, the  KWSP building is frequently visited by a large number of members of the public, who are there to open or close accounts, update their records, make enquiries, etc. While Publicly accessible areas are available to deal with the bulk of visitors, occasionally, some of these visitors occasionally, some of these visitors must enter a secured area for some reason or another. The Matrix V system provides the following visitor management services.

  • Keep track of current visitors at any given time, including their identities, employees responsible for them as well as the locations visited and specific access times 
  • Automatic expiry of visitor rights after a certain time limit without user intervention