ELID Reseller Partner
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What is the ELID Reseller Partner Program?
The ELID Reseller Partner Program was designed to help your security business thrive and grow under the sales and technical guidance of a pioneer in access control and integrated security systems and solutions. Under this program, your business receives direct access to our technical team, global marketing team services and so much more.
Designed For Your Business Success
ELID’s Reseller Partner program helps your business develop every step of the way by providing you with all the resources necessary to build strong technical capabilities as well as critical business development, marketing and sales expertise, giving your business the right foundation, necessary for long term sustainable growth.
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Why become an ELID Reseller Partner.
  • Reseller partners gain early access to the latest technological advancements in access control and intergrated security systems and solutions.
  • Access expert technical support and receive best in class trainings conducted on site or at ELID HQ in Malaysia.
  • Gain access to attractive incentives and financial support in terms of marketing budgets, events and so much more in order to scale your business fast.

Is the ELID Reseller Partner Program right for you? Get in touch with us to learn more.

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