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ELID’s establishment dates back to Sept 9, 1989 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  The initial 3 partners that formed the core of the Company had already between them many years of experience in the Security Industry. They decided to choose access control as their idea of  specialization.

By February 1990, our first product - a single-door access controller, together with magnetic reader and a DOS-based PC software was introduced into the market. The controller used a relatively unknown. Microprocessor chip introduced by Motorola at that time - the MC6HC11, as the main CPU. The product came to be known in the market place as EL2000, and it became a best seller in a number of South East Asian Countries.
  EL2000 established the reputation of ELID, and in the years following, many other equipment for lift control, car park control, time attendance etc were introduced into the market as ELID adopted the "One Card Solution" strategy - seeking to provide a single source for customers to obtain all their card-related solutions.
  In year 1997, ELID introduced its first Client/Server-based Integrated Security Management System, EsofNET. There are now hundreds of EsofNET Systems running all over the world, and it is one of the most popular Integrated Security Management System packages in South East Asia.
  In year 2000, ELID introduced its latest Integrated Security Management System, "MATRIX", which supports up to 8000 doors & over 100,000 input/output points. Matrix uses the EL5000 Controller, the latest ELID product, which is a network-ready, multi-purpose controller that can directly plug into any standard TCP/IP Local/Wide Area Network and allows the direct network connection of Reader Controller hardware.
  Marketing into Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, and other Asia countries was thereafter aggressively pursued through sole distributors, one for each country. Most of the distributors established from the early ninetiesare still with ELID and actively involved in the Electronic Identification business, thus providing long-term stability to the customers they serve.
  Today, ELID has a staff force of over 120 dedicating their passion to making better products with more than 10 million users worldwide.