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ELIDEye Crowd Management System

EV0100PC1 is a people counting device based on AI-powered video analytics. It deploys state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to accurately detect and track people in the video stream acquired using its built-in camera. By doing so, it can reliably determine the number of people entering and exiting a room. Its purpose is to control the allowed occupancy within a specific area and therefore, it is the ideal solution for companies that need to comply with COVID-19 SOP.



Features & Benefits
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Real-time counting for number of entering/exiting people

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Control allowed occupancy to comply with COVID-19 SOP

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Trigger alert when the limit is reached

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Display unit for showing miscellaneous statistics (number in, number out, number inside premises, limit reached, etc.)

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Multiple entrance & exit points

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Daily, weekly & monthly data analysis



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doesn’t work if person is not carrying a device

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Single beam infrared-sensors 

doesn’t work if multiple people are entering

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Existing CCTV based counting

not optimally placed

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Motion based counting

cannot differentiate people from other objects

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Time-of-flight (TOF) cameras

cannot differentiate people from other objects

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  • Optimally placed for people-counting
  • Uses state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms for detection and tracking
  • Can differentiate people from other objects
  • Can detect people in close proximity



Modes of Operation
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Model No.


System Casing

168mm x 170mm x 50mm


Quad-core Cortex A-72 @1.5 GHZ + Dedicated AI Accelerator



Device Operating System


User Operating System

Windows ONLY (minimum Windows 7)

Supported Language


User Interface

Web Browser or ELID Device Management System (DMS)

Browser Compatibility

Google Chrome (recommended), Mozilla Firefox


Firmware upgrade through web interface or DMS

Power Supply

13.5V / 4.4A DC

Operating Temperature

-10°C - 60°C (14°F - 140°F)

Cooling Fan



Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000

Controller Compatibility

Can be integrated with any standard access controller

Reset Button


Number of Relay Outputs


Number of Inputs



Built-in Sony IMX219 8-megapixel sensor

Recommended environment

Indoors(outdoor function may be sup-optimal)

Installation height

At least 8 feet. Optimal height – 9 feet and above

People-counting algorithm

Deep neural nets

Counting speed

0-2 seconds

Alarm trigger when limit exceeded


Evidential records

Upto 200,000 images of offences (people entering after limit reached) can be stored

Display of person count information

YES. All information is relayed to EA30V display module over TCP/IP. EA30V comes with HDMI Output. Monitor not included

Support multiple entrance/exit points

YES. EV-100-PC units can intercommunicate via TCP/IP to correctly count the number of persons in an area where people can enter/exit through multiple points/doors



System Configuration

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Ordering Information

EV0100PC1 ELIDEye AI-powered People Counting System, c/w dedicated AI processor, embedded camera and I/O board in metal casing, TCP/IP supported (w/o PSU)
EVEA30V01 EA30V TCP/IP based HDMI display module for video analytics systems, c/w PSU and micro-HDMI to HDMI converter (w/o HDMI cable and HDMI monitor)
SFCAMP003 ELIDEye IP Camera for Automated Count Correction


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