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CLOVER Cloud-Based Access Control System

CLOVER is a secure and agile cloud-based access control system that can be managed from any part of the world with an internet connection. It employs a very friendly but feature rich GUI and Mobile Apps with robust features. The platform is built using open architecture hardware for limitless interoperability, plus it is fortified by the security of Microsoft Azure cloud services. The hardware employed is IP-based door controllers named EL2700, which can be seamlessly integrated to the system.


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Access The System Securely Anytime, Anywhere from Any device

Being a cloud hosted software, you can access the system using the web-based GUI or mobile apps from anywhere in the world.

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Zero Software Installation at Site

As it employs web-based GUI and cloud hosted software there is no need of any server PC based software installation at site during installation, also the software updates including new features and security updates will be auto-updated without your involvement.

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Reduced Hardware Investment and Installation Time

No need of local servers at the site for software installation.

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Extreme Scalability

Cloud-based access control is ideal for growing businesses with fluctuating workforces (e.g., freelances, interns, and contractors). Centrally managing and monitoring access rights across a growing number of office locations provides a real advantage over competitors. You can add new sites to your existing clover account by just changing the licence. Can manage 1-1000 sites using a single Clover account.

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Advanced Security in The Cloud

Greater than the loss of expensive equipment is the loss of sensitive data that puts your company at risk. Updating the access control system from anywhere gives you the ability to update or delete access rights immediately and your data is protected by the security features provided by Microsoft Azure cloud services.



System Components

The clover system mainly comprises of the following components Being a cloud hosted software, you can access the system using the web-based GUI or mobile apps from anywhere in the world.

  • Cloud-based server software
  • Web-based GUI for installers and end customers
  • Smartphone app for end users (iOS and Android)
  • IP door controllers (EL2700) 
EL2700 Multi-door IP Controller

EL2700 is a LAN based advanced Multi-door IP controller. It handles access control function for 4 doors. Entry and Exit readers are RS485 based and can extend up to 1-km. The controller can be programmed using the Web server hosted in its MCU. It stores up to 20,000 user-IDs and 20,000 transactions.


CLOVER web interface2  

Web Interface

mobile app interface3  

Mobile Apps (Android/ IOS) 




Card Number

6/10 Digit

Card Database


Offline Transaction





4(8 readers)

On Board 1/0

4 outputs, 8 inputs

Anti-Pass back

Local & Global 

Continue Swiping


Programming Keypad

EK-13 (external)


24 per door

Time Zone

10 per door



System Configuration
CLOVER Single door Configuration2  

System Configuration Single-Site

The user can access the CLOVER software through the mobile apps or the web-based GUI. The EL2700 controllers are connected to the switch using LAN. EL2700 is capable of directly communicating with the CLOVER software using the MQTT protocol and hence updating it with latest transactions.

CLOVER multi door Configuration2  

System Configuration Multi-site



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