ek747 p   EL374
  Compact Access Controller

The EL374 Compact Access Controller combines card reader, touch-sense keypad and intelligent processor in a single package which can be directly mounted on the wall adjacent to the door that it protects.

It is designed to be intuitive to operate and can function in a stand-alone mode (without the need of a PC to program) or multiple units can be networked together and controlled remotely from PC using standard ELID Access Management Software such as WinPro.

  orange button4 Up to 3000 users' IDs and 2,000 transactions
  orange button4 User Friendly Operation
  orange button4 Graphic LCD display
  orange button4 Time zone 10
  orange button4 Timer 24
  orange button4 Built-in Reader EM or Mifare
  orange button4 Operating Temperature: 0° C to 50° C
  orange button4 Colour: Black
  orange button4 Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
  orange button4 Dimensions: 100(H)x135(W)x30(D) mm



MCU 8-bit CPU running at 40 MHz
Memory 2KB RAM, 32KB Flash, 64KB EEPROM
Clock Real Time Clock Lithium battery back-up
Communication Interface RS485 or LAN (Optional, requires additional LAN module)
Power Supply 12 VDC
Output 2 (Door Lock, General Purpose Output)
Input 3 (Push Button, Door Sensor, Sensor Input)
Built-in Reader EM or Mifare
Power Supply 12 VDC
Current Consumption 0.5A
Operating Temperature (ºC) 0-50 0ºC-50ºC
Card Database 3,000
Transaction Database 2,000
Time Zone 10
Timer 24
Holiday 20
Automatic Lock Release Time Zone Yes
Permanent Lock Release Yes
Automatic Pin Disable Time Zone Yes
Automatic Lock Release Time Zone Yes
Card Format Wiegand 26-bit, Free Wiegand, proprietary
Operation Mode 3 (Card, Card + PIN, PIN)
Baud Rate 2400 to 9600
Tamper Switch Built-in


EL374 Standalone Configuration
configuration standalone EL374
 EL374 Secure Mode Configuration
configuration secure mode EL374
EL374 System Configuration
configuration system EL374

Ordering Information

Product Code
EL0374E01 EL374E/B Single-Door Controller (EM format)
EL0374M01 EL374E/B Single-Door Controller (Mifare format)