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  Multi-Function Smart Security System

Gordon is specifically designed for small offices requiring both access control and alarm monitoring. Take the case of a small office with 4 doors to be controlled and 8 alarm zones to be supervised. Using standard equipment, this would require 4 single door controllers, and an 8-zone alarm panel, a total of 5 separate panels. However, using Gordon, this same requirement is accomplished in just one panel. This significantly reduces cost.

In addition, Gordon integrates access and alarm operation making the system more efficient and easier to use.



Multi-Function Controller
  • Gordon is a multi-function controller. It combines access control system and intrusion alarm system in a single panel. It is ideal for small offices requiring both access control and alarm monitoring with minimum budget.
Modern Modular Design
  • Configurable sub-module to suit site requirement
Centralized Design
  • All readers are connected to the central panel with RS485 and can be located up to 1km away. Door lock power and reader power are all derived from the central panel, and so local power is not required. Servicing Gordon is easy because damagednsub-modules can be easily identified and replaced through the built-in diagnostic LED indicators and LCD screen.
Designed for Reliability
  • Security systems will inevitably sustain damage due to lighting surge or power related problems. Gordon is built with hardware redundancies so that damage sustained by system can be confined. Critical components are designed to work independently of each other. In the event of system damage, functionality of damaged parts is lost but undamaged parts will continue to work. For example, a lighting surge on door 1 will disable door 1’s function, but doors 3 and 4 will still work.
Power Design
  • The backup battery is critical in the event of a power outage. Gordon has incorporated dual rechargeable 3V batteries to ensure stable operation of the processors in the event of power supply failure. In addition, system parameters as well as card and transaction databases are stored in non-volatile memory devices so that even when battery power runs out, all data is still retained.
Real-Time Response
  • Gordon is designed using multi-core technology which enables multi-tasking and real-time operation. As many as 20 ARM MCUs are integrated to work together in parallel. Furthermore, Gordon is powered by ELID’s proprietary Real-Time OS that supports multiple parallel DMA operations (dynamic memory access). This combination of hardware and software innovation ensures smooth and responsive system operation.
Protection Design
  • Gordon has reverse polarity protection on power input that ensures that the equipment is not damaged by a careless mistake. Furthermore, all inputs are design to be 12V tolerant to minimize damage due to mistakes in wiring.
Web Application
  • Built-in with an Ethernet web server, Gordon allows users to access and manage the system online, at any time and from anywhere.
Smartphone Application
  • Besides the web server, users are able to monitor the system via a Mobile Application. Information is presented in an intuitive user interface that anyone can learn within minutes.
Access Control System
  • Gordon provides up to 4 doors with in and out access control.
  • Gordon can store up to 20,000 ID cards per door and 20,000 offline transactions per door.
  • Gordon is designed to work with RS485 readers (EM or MIFARE format).
  • Gordon provides an independent bus for each door ’s RS485 readers (four RS485 buses in total).
  • Every door has its own door module unit, for ease of servicing.
  • The panel has a built-in LCD display and keypad that allows users to perform system set-up and configuration.
Intrusion Alarm System
  • Gordon features an 8 zone analog monitoring control panel.
  • The built-in alarm keypad and LCD display shows the real-time status of each zone as well as current arming status.
  • Gordon provides two RS485 buses which can support up to four keypads (two keypads on each RS485 bus).
  • Users can arm or disarm the system via the alarm keypad.
  • No software configuration is required to incorporate additional keypads.
  • No configuration is required for zone types, all zones are pre-set, ensuring rapid, simple setup.
  • Gordon delivers event notifications via its mobile app, so it does not require the purchase of a hardware GSM module.
  • Gordon provides 2 dedicated panic button inputs, which allow critical events to be processed separately.
  • Gordon provides 2 dedicated fire button inputs. All doors will be released if fire button inputs are triggered.
  • Support for unlimited wiring cable length to alarm panel zone input (one-time calibration required).


Microprocessor 32-bit ARM
Memory 8MB Flash
Communication Ethernet
Support Card Type MIFARE Classic, EM
Maximum Readers 8 units (total 4x RS485 bus)
On-Board Output 4 for EM Lock, 2 for general purpose
Card Database 20K/Door
Transaction Database 20K/Door
Door + Alarm Integration Yes
Power Supply 12- to 14V, DC, 6A
Adjustable Lock Release Time Yes
Inhibit Access Yes
Continuous Swiping Yes
Permanent Lock Release Yes
Monitored Zone 8 + 4 (door sensor)
Alarm Keypad Up To 4 units
Panic Button 2
Fire Button 2


Gordon System Configuration
configuration Gordon

Ordering Information

Product Code
EL4300001 EL4300 Gordon multi-function controller (2-Door with Alarm), 100Mbps Ethernet
EL4300002 EL4300 Gordon multi-function controller (4-Door with Alarm), 100Mbps Ethernet
EL4300 Gordon multi-function controller (2-Door),100Mbps Ethernet
EL4300D02 EL4300 Gordon multi-function controller (4-Door),100Mbps Ethernet
EL4300A01 EL4300 Gordon multi-function controller (Alarm), 100Mbps Ethernet
CS1099X Metal Casing - 415(H)x405(W)x121(D) mm
EGPSA6002 EP44S Power Supply Adapter, 13.5V/4.4A c/w PS2
ER0748AK1 EK748 RS485 Arming Keypad for Gordon, Touch Sense Keypad (Blue GLCD Display)
ER0723R01 ER723 RS485 EM Short Range Proximity Reader, Black
ER0728R01 ER728 RS485 Mifare Contactless Card Reader, Black
EA0045001 EA45 Reader Converter, Wiegand to RS485, in Plastic Housing (for ELID Wiegand readers)