fc1205 p   ELID Entrance Access Controller
  Entrance Access Controller
  The ELID Entrance Access Controller is housed in a robust vandal proof steel enclosure featuring a built in power supply and back-up battery.

ELID offers 3 models of barrier access controllers.
• FC1205 is suitable for small sized car parks, office blocks, condominiums and residential areas with a single entry and exit.
• FC2306 is suitable for medium sized car parks, office blocks, condominiums and residential areas with two entries and exits.
• FC2800 is suitable for large sized car parks, office building and residential areas with four entries and exits.

FC1205 and FC2306 are each equipped with a 2x20-character backlit LCD display and a 16-key keypad for system programming. For FC2800, the programming can be done via web server or with the EK13 Keypad interface. All access controllers can function in either stand-alone mode or can be integrated using ELID’s access management software solutions.

  orange button4 Storage capacity (access panel dependent):
  Stores a maximum of 3,200 to 20,000 user-IDs
  Stores a maximum of 1,000 to 20,000 offline transactions
  orange button4Reader type: Supports Proximity, MIFARE and Contactless Smart Card Reader
  orange button4Caters for timers and time zones, limiting access and users to different times of the day
  orange button4 Comprehensive anti-passback feature for car-park management
  orange button4Firmware can be updated in-circuit, using the serial port or TCP/IP downloads via PC
  orange button4 Equipped with calendar & clock hardware to ensure accurate date and time
  orange button4 Equipped with battery backup for internal data storage and time clock
  orange button4 Communication interface:
  FC1205 : Multidrop
  FC2306 : Multidrop, RS485, TCP/IP
  FC2800 : TCP/IP
  orange button4 Dimensions: 381(H) x 330(W) x 91(D) mm


FC1205 System Configuration
FC1205 Configuration
FC2306 System Configuration
FC2306 Diagram
FC2800 System Configuration 
FC2800 diagram

Ordering Information

Product Code Description
EB-1205-001 FC1205 Car Park Access System for 1-Entry & 1-Exit Point c/w EL2205 Board, Power Supply, LCD, Keypad & Relay in Metal Housing
EB-2306-001 FC2306 Car Park Access System for 2-Entry & 2-Exit Point c/w EL2306 Board, Power Supply, LCD, Keypad & Relay in Metal Housing
EB-2800-001 FC2800 Car Park Access System for 4-Entry & 4-Exit Point c/w EL2800 Board & Power Supply in Metal Housing