m29 b2   MR29
  Mid Range EM Reader
  MR29 is a Mid Range EM Reader, used specifically to enhance the reading range. A popular choice for car park application.
  orange button4 Reading range: up to 40-80cm (subject to card type and site condition)
  orange button4 Operation voltage: DC12V-15V
  orange button4 Operating current: less than 100mA
  orange button4 Output format: Wiegand 26-bit
  orange button4 Dimensions: 260(H)x260(W)x35(D) mm

Ordering Information

 Product Code
 SB-0029-M02  MR29 Mid Range EM Reader
 SB-0029-MA2  Mid Range Reader Holder
 SB-0029-MA1  Mid Range EM Card