EK8R p            EK8R
  Keypad c/w built in Reader
  EK8R is a compact keypad with built-in EM proximity reader module. Functionally, it is the same as the EK9R, except that it has a different shape. The keypad with reader is compatible with all ELID Access Controllers.
  orange button4 Keypad type: 16-key membrane keypad
  orange button4 Display type: 4x7-segment LED display
  orange button4 Reading range: Up to 8cm
  orange button4 Power consumption: 5V/ 270 mA
  orange button4 Output format: Wiegand 26-bit/ Free Wiegand
  orange button4 Dimensions: 115(H)x90(W)x30(D) mm

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Product Code
EK8R/B Serial Keypad (Rubber) with 4x7 Segment Display, Black, built-in with EM reader  
EK8RX/B Extended Range Serial Keypad/Display, Black, with built-in with EM reader