Barrier Gate/ Turnstile
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Glass turnstile is a high-tech product which mainly provides intelligent management to passageway.This product is finely processed with complete functions and high level, suitable for high-level neighborhoods, intelligent buildings, hotel, subway, port and club,etc. 

This equipment is subtly integrated with machine, electronics, micro-processor control and ID identification,
provides convenience for the use of card reader identification equipment, such as IC card, ID card, bar code and fingerprint. It can carry out intelligent control and management to the passageway through choosing various identification equipment and adopting fair, reliable security protection, alarming equipment and direction indicating equipment.

  orange button4 Alarm function: when arms are pushed by force illegally, alarm will be triggered automatically and 
    arms will be set locked. Turnstile can check by itself when it is have problem, it is good for 
    customer to maintain and use
  orange button4 Turnstile can setting the working condition by press the button of main control board.
  orange button4 Anti-pinch function: turnstile have Mechanical/ infrared induction Anti-pinch functions (when it is 
    meet the hinder during the reset time, the electrical machine closed work automatically in specified 
    time, the turnstile will default the delayed and reset again till reset succeed)
  orange button4 The turnstile will closed the door when somebody enter the gate illegal, Tailgating or break into 
    negative direction gate.
  orange button4 Before received the open signal, the turnstile will lock automatically
  orange button4 The arm have the collision avoidance function: when the turnstile arm closed, if it is under the 
    collision, the a will open to protect the Transmission of inner machine.
  orange button4 Automatic Reset Functions: after you swap the card, during the specific time (the system is 10s), if 
    you didn’t pass the turnstile, the system will cancel your authority automatically to pass the gate, 
    (reset time is 1~60s you can adjust it what time is suit for you). totally meet the fire protection
  orange button4 Infrared reset function (Optional:4 pairs or 6 pairs Infrared)
  orange button4 The turnstile can work with door access control system/ consumption system /biometric 
    recognition system/ ESD system and so on
  orange button4 The turnstile is bidirectional (pedestrian can enter and exit from one pair of turnstiles)
  orange button4 Can manager and long-range control the turnstile directly by managing the computer.Standard 
    Functions & Features LED