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  Cloud-based Access Control System
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  An Access Control System (ACS) monitors and restricts flow of people, allowing only authorized personnel to enter specific areas at specific times and according to specific rules.
  With increasing security concerns, more and more small offices are installing ACS. However, operating a full-fledged conventional access control system, capable of alerting owners and generating reports, presents significant challenge to small companies. This is not due to the initial startup cost, but the difficulty of operating and maintaining such a system.  For example, it requires regular system administration such as data back-ups, card activation and report generation. Often, a small company does not have the human resource and capabilities to competently handle this.
  As a result of the high total cost of ownership, small-office owners typically opt for simple stand-alone ACS which are not connected to a PC. Unfortunately, such stand-alone systems represent a severe compromise in functionality as it cannot provide critical features access reports, nor can it alert the owner when there are security breaches.
  MAPLE can overcome the hurdles face by such companies. It allows a small-office owner to economically own and operate an ACS possessing all the features provided by a full-fledged ACS.
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Benefits to Customers

  • Manage the system 24/7 from anywhere
  • User-friendly mobile application (Android or IOS)
  • Reduced IT infrastructure cost
  • Reduced support cost
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • Maple supports all ELID standard controllers

Benefits to Dealers or Service Providers

  • Zero-software-installation
  • Hassle-free system recovery
  • Market Segment Expansion


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