I/O Board
EFD80 p   EFD80
  I/O Board
  orange button4 Onboard supervised inputs: 16 Input Points
  orange button4 Onboard relay outputs: 8 Output Points
  orange button4 Output Expansion Capacity: 24 Outputs Points 
  orange button4 Built-in Tamper Detection: Yes
  orange button4 Operating Temperature: Yes



Model EFD80 (ES1608)
Manufacturer ELID Sdn Bhd
Country of Origin Malaysia
Microprocessor Motorola 68 HC908 GP32 PLL at 4.9 Mhz
Onboard Supervised Inputs 16 Input Points
Onboard Relay Outputs 8 Output Points
Output Expansion Capacity 24 Output Points
Power Supply 12VDC
Dimension 350 (H) X 240 (H) X 80 (D) mm
Operating Temperature YES
Operating Temperature 0oC to 50oC
Humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing
Power Requirements 12VDC 100mA excluding reader
Casing Dimensions 410 (H) X 400 (L) X 120 (W) mm
Approximate Weight 7kg


EFD80 Configuration
EFD80 Configuration

Add-On Boards

 ES8A p   ES8A
  Outputs Expanders 
  This is an expander used with EFD80 expander for additional needed output points. EFD80 handles a maximum of 3 of these 8-output expanders and make up a total of 32 output points. Also used to trigger Lift Controller systems when EFD80 is required to support more than 8 floors to give a total of 32 Floors per EFD.