Reader Interface Unit
EK9Z p2           EK9i
  Secured Keypad-Reader Interface Unit 
  EK9i is designed for high security installations where security breaches cannot be compromised. This reader interface comes built in with a bright back-lit LCD and keypad to enhance system intuitiveness and user friendliness. 
  orange button4 Support time recording with lateness reasoning 
  orange button4 Reader display user name when capturing user transaction 
  orange button4 Up to 7 different card formats 
  orange button4 RS485 connectivity 
  orange button4 Support remote relay for output for anti-tampering


Model EK9i
Manufacturer ELID Sdn Bhd
Country of Origin Malaysia
Microprocessor 16 bit MCU (MC9S12GC128) with 128K flash memory and 4K RAM
Bus Speed 25.8048 MHz
Communication 2 wires RS485 Interface (Data+, Data-)
Baud Rate 9600bps or 57600bps
Protocol Pier-to-peer collision detection protocol (E-BUS)
LCD Display 16 by 1 line yellow-green screen without backlight or 16 by 2 lines blue screen with backlight
Keypad 3 by 4
Max. Doors Supported 1 door
Standalone Operation Partial. Can store 10 card numbers to open door when main controller is down.
Modes of Operation Card, PIN, Card + PIN, Time Clock
Status Detection Tamper, Battery and Alternating Current
Type of Reader Supported Proximity (HID, EM, MiFare)
Max. Readers Supported 2 (one IN and one OUT)
Onboard Inputs / Outputs 6 Inputs, 2 Outputs
Operating Temperature 0oC to 60oC
Humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing
Power Requirements 12VDC 100mA excluding reader
Casing Dimensions 105 (L) x 80 (W) x 35 (D)
Casing Property Heavy Duty PVC
Approximate Weight 400grams


EK9i Configuration
EK9i Configuration