Queue Management System
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  Queue Management System
  Designed to reduce customer waiting time and streamline customer flow, QMobi is a complete cloud-based Queue Management System that strives to improve customer satisfaction and staff efficiency.
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    QMobi App integration allows users to set an appointment in advance to track estimated wait time needed. This is to reduce overall time spent in queues. Users will be able to monitor and track their queue status remotely in real-time which reduces aimless
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    Developed on a trusted and scalable cloud platform, QMobi aims to improve the overall queuing experience for end users. Queue
numbers and status are synced into a cloud server, allowing real-time updates through the mobile app and administrative portal.
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    QMobi App has an integrated queue ticket and appointment booking feature which allows user to queue from their mobile phone. Users request a queue number or ticket through the mobile app. The Appointment feature allows user to browse through schedules and book an appointment in advance. Once the queue number is near, a notification reminder will be sent to notify user of queue status.
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QMobi’s intuitive, real-time dashboard provides a complete system overview and allows for effortless booking and queue management. This administrative portal keeps track of appointments, queues and statistic reports.

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Benefit for Visitors:
  • Online appointment booking
  • Real-time queue status
  • Queue notification
  • Booking reminder
  • User-friendly mobile app
Benefit for Organizations:
  • Streamline customer flow
  • User-friendly dash board
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Optimize customer satisfaction


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QMobi Flow