winpro s   WinPro 2
  Integrated Security Manager
  WinPro 2 is ELID's client-server Security Management Software which supports up to 1,024 doors, providing total security supervision and control for commercial and industrial buildings. WinPro 2 handles access control functions for doors, car parks, turnstiles and lifts. Access, intrusion and Surveillance can be controlled from a single terminal. It also offers time attendance analysis and visitor management
  Mobile Application - Monitor and control the system from a smart phone or tablet anywhere (Web Interfacer is required)
  Visitor Management - incorporate with MyK AD reader and control visitors’ accessibility
  CCTV Video Integration - Playback recorded video, view live video and event-based recorded clips anytime
  orange button4 Allows concurrent multi-user system access
  orange button4 Intuitive interface for systems configuration and administration
  orange button4 Provides real-time activity monitoring
  orange button4 Integrates seamlessly with ELID Time Attendance Software
  orange button4 Comprehensive transaction and audit trail reports
  orange button4 Area trace feature
  orange button4 Alarm monitoring feature
  orange button4 Supports SMS and email alert notification
  orange button4 Behavioral analysis feature


  • CCTV video Integration: Integrate with high definition surveillance systems that supports live video viewing, playback recorded video and event-based video recording
  • Smartphone Application: Manage the system 24/7 from anywhere via Smartphone (Web Interfacer is required)
  • Visitor Management: Provides interface to E.Vis Visitor package in which each visitor card access can be programmed and restricted to selected locations
  • System administration and configuration can be done through standard web browsers
  • Dashboard provides system-wide, real-time view and status updates in an easy to use interface
  • Support up to 1,024 outputs and 512 inputs

Ordering Information

Product Code
WinPro2 Basic (Multi-User Access Management Software c/w Multiple-Shift Time Management Software, SQL database, support IP Controller, 4 workstations
EW-WINP-201B WinPro2/1 (Basic), support 1-16 Doors
EW-WINP-202B WinPro2/2 (Basic), support 1-32 Doors
EW-WINP-203B WinPro2/3 (Basic), support 1-64 Doors
Winpro2 Standard (Basic features cum Enhance Area Trace, Email/SMS Alert, Alarm Monitoring, Lift Access and Behavioral Analysis)
EW-WINP-201S WinPro2/1 (Standard), support 1-16 Doors
EW-WINP-202S WinPro2/2 (Standard), support 1-32 Doors
EW-WINP-203S WinPro2/3 (Standard), support 1-64 Doors
WinPro 2 Premium (Standard features cum Smartphone Application, Visitor Managament, CCTV Video Integration, Web Module, Mini Server Support, System Dashboard, EL2800 I/O Board Support and EFD I/O Support)
EW-WINP-201P WinPro2/1 (Premium), support 1-16 Doors
EW-WINP-202P WinPro2/2 (Premium), support 1-32 Doors
EW-WINP-203P WinPro2/3 (Premium), support 1-64 Doors
Web Interfacer
EL4200W01 EL4200 Web Interfacer (supports Web Access & Mobile App) c/w PSU in metal housing - 332(W)x302(H)x85(D) mm
Note: Please contact ELID for the license that supports more than 64 doors or more than 4 workstations