EA79 p   EA79
  LAN Module
  EA79 is an ELID 10Mbps LAN module. It designed to provide TCP/IP communication capability for ELID controllers. There are 2 variants of the LAN Module which share similar features:
  EA79 : LAN module for EL23XX, EL3000S, ER301, ET1200S and ET1300S
  EA79B : LAN module with RJ45 socket for EL133X, EL137X and EL230X

Ordering Information

Product Code
EA79 LAN Module Only (EL2301/ Nova EL2311/ EL3000S/ ER301/ ET1200S/ ET1300S)
EA-0079-002 EA79B LAN Module built-in with RJ45 socket (EL1335/ EL1375/ EL2305/ EL2306)