EL70W p         EL70W
  EL70W is a single bus RS485 to USB interface communicator, allowing PC to be linked to 16 controllers with maximum distance of 1 KM. The software license can be programmed into the EL70W, which means it does not require a communicator with built-in software key slot like EL70Y. 
  orange button4 Conversion circuitry: 1x RS485 to 1 x USB interface conversion circuitry 
  orange button4 Software (E.Win, WinPro, E.Time and TimePro) programmed into the EL70W 
  orange button4 Dimensions: 30(H) x 69(W) x 55D) mm 

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EL70W Communicator, RS485 to USB, Built-in with Softkey II, USB Cable in Plastic Housing (Software to be programmed)