tripod turnstile s   Elid Tripod Turnstile EGT-838
  Tripod Turnstile

EGT-838 ELID Tripod Turnstile is made up using 304 stainless steel. The tripod turnstile is design to work in harsh environment. The turnstile can easily control ingress and egress of people. Arms will drop automatically when there is an emergency signal to the turnstile. EGT-838 can be use in station, pier, subway, factory, office building, hotel, clubs, enterprise, etc.  The EGT-838 turnstile mechanism can easily integrated with various types of access control identification technologies to provide intelligent control and management of crowd in a building.



diagram Tripod Turnstile


Housing material Domestic standard 304# stainless steel
Working voltage AC220±10%V 50±10%HZ
Working movement DC24V solenoid valve
Size 1200mm (L) * 280mm (W) * 1000mm (H)
Arm width 500 mm
Support force of arm 60kg
Certification CE / ISO/ SGS
Direction single or bi-directional (optional)
LED Light direction arrow
Working environment indoor/outdoor (with a tent over) -10°C~70°C
Relative humidity ≤90% coagulation free
Time of opening 0.2 second
Pass speed 25-30 persons/min 
Emergency When power off, arm open automatically
Normal running life 3 million times
Communication interface standard RS485 interface, distance ≤1200m
Input interface +12V level signal or pulse width >100ms 12V pulse, drive current >10mA