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  Anti-Tailgate System
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  The ultimate purpose of an access control system is to ensure that access to a secure area is restricted to “authorized” personnel only. Tailgating is the most prevalent security risk that defeats this purpose, consequently jeopardizing the privacy/safety of the information/people in a secure area. Unfortunately, most access control systems are still not designed to tackle this problem. ElidEye is an advanced anti-tailgate system with artificial intelligence that can detect and alert against tailgating offences, hence providing enhanced security.
  orange button4 Tailgate Detection - Protection against various security breach scenarios such as tailgating, piggybacking and crossing
  orange button4 Enhanced Security - Provides a high level of security by ensuring only a single person can enter each time an authorized personnel’s card is swiped/badged
  orange button4 Affordable - AI-powered rather than using expensive mantrap vestibules, turnstiles or electronic sensor beams
  orange button4 Non-intrusive - Mounted on the ceiling. Employees unaware of its existence except when an alarm is triggered in response to a tailgating offence
  orange button4 Easy Installation and Compatibility - Effortless integration with most access controllers, requiring only the valid entry and door sensor signals
  orange button4 Enforces proper card/fingerprint usage - Encourages employees to adhere to proper access control protocols
  orange button4 Low maintenance costs - Unlike traditional anti-tailgate systems, there is no hardware that is subject to wear and tear and may require repair/maintenance
  orange button4 Standalone system - Operates with full autonomy. No human interaction/intervention required. No control or monitoring required from a PC

Tailgate Scenario

Act of an unauthorized person who follows an authorized person to a restricted area without the consent of the authorized person.
Happens when a person tags along with another person who is authorized to gain entry into a restricted area, or pass a certain checkpoint.
When an authorized person badges at the exit reader to leave a secure area, and without his/her consent or knowledge, an unauthorized person takes the opportunity to enter the secure area before the door closes.


Power Standard 12V DC
Output Anunciator – recommended voltage is 12V, can drive upto 24 V
Input Door sensor-recommended voltage is 5v or 12V, Valid Entry-recommended voltage is 5v or 12V
Connectivity Ethernet / WIFI
Environment Designed for indoor operation. Outdoor operation may be sub-optimal
Compatibility Any controller that can provide valid entry signal
Dimensions 200 cm (L) x 135 cm (W) x 40 cm (H)


ElidEye EV100 System Configuration
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