Case Study : Perwira Affin Bank


The Perwira Affin Bank (PAB) employs an EsofNET system over a TCP/IP Wide Area Network to manage access control and security at two sites approximately 40 kilometers away from each other in Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam respectively.

Two Remote Sites - One Integrated Security System 

The Shah Alam site is approximately 40 kilometers away from the Kuala Lumpur head office. On a good day, you can get from the PAB Head Office in Kuala Lumpur to Shah Alam branch office in approximately an hour by car. However, thanks to the EsofNET system, access control and monitoring of activity on both sites can be performed in real-time from monitoring stations at either site. In addition, the KL head office has the ability to control the entire system from a Central Control Station, performing high level system functions such as system configuration, card user management, door management, device activation/deactivation, etc at either remote site.

One-Card Solution 

PAB employees at the Kuala Lumpur head office and Shah Alam site enjoy quick and convenient car park and door accessibility, using a single card for both functions. 

System Configuration 

The PAB EsofNET system integrates many optional modules including car park access control, CCTV support, time management, guard tour monitoring, messaging, visitor management and photo identification capabilities. 

KL Site:
Access Control: 44 doors distributed over 16 floors
Alarm Monitoring : Capacity for 128 sensors and 64 relay outputs
Shah Alam Site:
Access Control: 25 doors distributed over 21 floors
Alarm Monitoring : Capacity for 80 sensors and 40 relay outputs
No. of Workstations: 2