Case Study : Shanghai - Shanghai Pudong Development Bank


shanghai pudong development bankThe Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPDB) employs four EsofNET Access Control and Security Systems at four sites integrated with a third party Building Automation Systems at their headquaters in Shanghai, China.

Stand-alone Sub-System Capability

The Shanghai Pudong Development Bank employs four standalone EsofNET access control and security monitoring systems at four separate buildings in their Shanghai headquarters. Each standalone system is linked back to a central control station via fibre-optic cables. Should any problem occur that causes one of the systems to fail, the other three systems will function normally in stand-alone mode.

Centralized Monitoring and Control Over All Facilities

All four standalone systems are linked to a central EsofNET Enterprise Server at the central control station, which enables centralized monitoring of all system activity in all four buildings in real time. In addition, the central control station may reconfigure system settings or execute system commands such as pulsing open a door at all four building systems remotely from the central  control room. 

Integration With Third-Party Building Automation System

The entire EsofNET system is integrated with the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank's pre-existing SCADA Building Automation System, which enables the entire headquarters facility to be automatically managed without direct user intervention to support system monitoring after working hours.

System Configuration

The Shanghai Pudong Development Bank EsofNET system services 229 doors and performs alarm monitoring at 23 field locations distributed over four major facilities in the same premises, all remotely monitored from a central control room.

  • Access Control: 229 EL2200 Door Controllers with 5 Reader Processing Units
  • Alarm Monitoring: Capacity for 368 Sensor Devices and 184 Relay Outputs