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Case Study : Taiwan - Chinese Petroleum Corporation


chinese petroleum sIn Taiwan, the Chinese Petroleum Corporation, the largest petroleum company in Taiwan, relies upon EsofNET to provide access control and security services at its 28-floor Taiwan headquarters. With access control covering over 300 doors, the Chinese Petroleum Corporation headquarters is one of the largest EsofNET sites that ELID has ever implemented.

Access Control For Over 2000 Employees Daily

The EsofNET system provides access control services to over 2000 Chinese Petroleum employees every day. System administrators are able to set which areas of the premises, a user may access at any given of day and day of the week. Specil access rights may also be set up for public holidays.

Round-the-Clock Central Alarm Monitoring

The EsofNET system provides round-the-clock alarm monitoring surveillance over the entire premises. All system activities are logged and may be monitored and printed in real time. Any alarm event will trigger alert messages at all monitoring stations. In addition, emergency automatic security protocols such as the automatic looking of certain high-security doors or the activation of certain alarm devices may be set into place.

Integration With Existing 3rd Party Time Management System

A unique feaure Chinese Petroleum required of its EsofNET system was integration between the acces  control system and its pre-existing third-party Time Management System. The EsofNET system does this by collecting data on the access patterns of the various Chinese Petroleum headquarters employees. From this data, attendance records, periods of absenteeism, tardiness and early outs may be compiled. The compiled attendance data is then converted into a format readable by the 3rd party time management system where it may then be exported to the Time Management System for procossing.

System Configuration

Access Control: 604 Proximity Readers installed at 302 doors spread across 28 floor levels.
  • No. of  Workstations: 2