COVID-19 SOP Compliance: Is Your Business Ready?

The current global pandemic is here to stay. How will this new normal impact your business? Does your organization have a robust strategy in place to ensure SOP compliance, safety of your personnel and customers and minimize risk to your business?

For a limited time only, ELID is offering an SOP Compliance & Readiness Check, exclusively for our valued maintenance customers. Performed by our in-house technical specialist department, this concise, yet insightful discovery exercise will help your business formulate a clear strategy and roadmap for effectively implementing access control solutions that will enhance SOP compliance, and ensure your business is ready to safely weather this new normal.

ELID's SOP Compliance & Readiness Check FAQ:

Q: My company is currently NOT an ELID customer. Do I still qualify for this offer?


A: Answer: For non-customers, and customers who are not on an active maintenance contract, this offer still applies but fees are applicable.


Q: How much does this usually cost?


A: Answer: ELID’s Technical Specialist Department is able to provide onsite ad hoc services such as system testing, product repairs and more. Depending on the type of service required, on-site inspection and consultations start at RM 300.


Q: It is possible to do an over the phone or video conferencing SOP Compliance & Readiness check?

  TSD Technician

A: Answer: It is possible to do a preliminary session over the phone or over video conferencing. However, a more thorough, on site inspection is highly recommended as a next step in order to accurately diagnose the site and formulate a proper compliance strategy.


Q: My company is not currently using an ELID system but we are having issues with our (non-ELID) security system and would like to get it serviced/repaired. Is this possible?


A: Answer: ELID’s technical specialist team is able to provide inspection and testing for a variety of 3rd party security systems. However, repairs may or may not be possible. A thorough on-site test/check is required before our team can determine if a system or product can be repaired.


Q: What type of products is ELID’s technical specialist department able to service/repair?

A: Answer: Typical systems that we can help with include but is not limited to the following:

  • Access control systems ( card, biometric, facial, thermal)
  • CCTV systems
  • Barrier gates, turnstiles, etc
  • Parking access systems
  • Lift access systems
  • Writing & cabling
  • Alarm system

Q: My company is currently located outside of the Klang valley, is ELID able to provide this service?

A: Answer: Yes, we have branch offices located in Penang and Johor Bahru as well as in East Malaysia. Please contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements.



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