Integrated Security System


total integrated solution2

Integrated security management system is a platform of which all sub-security systems are integrated together working seamlessly to make a powerful, sophisticated and highly efficient security system to achieve maximum control and monitoring of a facility or building on one single terminal. In high security facilities or large institutions, operators need a powerful system with high interoperability, flexibility and system openness to meet their high security requirements which smaller systems are not able to comply.

ELID has been a fore-runner in this segment for many years and has designed and installed hundreds of these systems in high threat facilities in every business segment in Malaysia and throughout the world. Our intergrated security system caters for entry-level users (which can scale up to larger system when their facility or business grows) right up to systems that provide the highest protection and most demanding applications.

Matrix V software with numerous value-added software modules, enabling you to manage your security system more efficiently than ever before .
integrated hardware
TCP/IP network-ready controllers, reader interface units and I/O boards designed to give the user the most flexible and cost effective access control design to meet any building requirement .