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    ELID  is a reputable leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art Electronic Identification Systems in Asia. We focus on delivering sophisticated and cost-effective security system solutions and security access control solutions.
    ELID is an acronym for Electronic Identification, providing you a higher level of security for the commercial and residential markets.
    ELID's vision is to be a world-renowned manufacturer of electronic identification system and intelligent access control systems for buildings.

Director’s Message

    ELID's growth, from  the very beginning , has been shaped by 3 guidelines : 
    What we want to be - We want to be a world class integrated security system manufacturer. We put equal emphasis on Research and Development, Production and Sales.
    What we want to make - We want to specialize in the niche area of Electronic Identification (hence, the name ELID).
    Where we want to sell - We strive to become a leading global provider of access control and integrated security solutions. We want to treat the world as our market place.