• EL2800

    EL2800 is an IP-based four-door/eight-reader controller that supports 10-digit card numbering. The controller can store up to 10,000 users and 5,000 offline transactions.

    EL2800 uses native LAN (not a terminal server which converts RS232 to LAN). Consequently, it is like a PC and can take full advantage of web access. 

  • EK848

    The EK848 comes with LCD display and supports two types of reading format, EM or Mifare.  This reader keypad is compatible with all ELID Access Controllers.

  • EL3000S

    EL3000S is a 3-IN-ONE fingerprint controller, it combines controller, card reader and fingerprint verification in one compact, stylish and uniquely designed metallic pearl white casing.

  • Nova

    Nova is a single door networkable access controller, comprising access controller, card reader and keypad. It designed with an attractive plastic casing and LCD display, allowing the unit to be wall-mounted at door entry point. It is developed based on the EL2000 series access controller platform – a platform well known for its reliability and versatility.

  • ET636

    ET636 is a basic Time Recording Terminal simply designed for ease of use. The features of the ET630 and ET636 are identical. The only difference is the hardware setup for the system. ET636 is directly plugged into the PC via USB cable for data polling and power supply.

  • Matrix V

    Matrix V is the most comprehensive Total Integrated Solution System in its class. It combines all facets of Security Management with all human interface management applications on a single platform in a single software package. A total of 8000 access portals/ 16,000 readers with 128,000 inputs and 256,000 outputs can be monitored and control on a this singular platform.

Elid is a trusted manufacturer of 
security access control and 
integrated security systems since 
1989. We design and deliver high 
quality of products and services
with continuous in-house
research and development. 

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